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Tree Surgery & Tree Services

Tree Surgery - the skilled survey and pruning of trees for reasons of conservation, aesthetics or safety - requires sound arboricultural knowledge, as well as an understanding of the individual characteristics of a species and an assessment of its environment and location.

Although we do cut down some trees for safety reasons such as split tree trunks, broken branches, tree root problems or storm damage, modern tree surgery (arboriculture) is mostly about the maintenance of trees in urban environments and the conservation of trees to help them develop and grow.

Our tree sevices include:

  • pruning methods which remove dead wood or defects to encourage the tree to grow with a sound structure
  • selective removal of lower branches to prevent damage by passing vehicles or to prevent tree climbing
  • the thinning of the canopy to reduce wind resistance, water take-up and the size of a tree within a restricted environment

The high standard of our technical work is underpinned by the fact that all of our operatives carry relevant certification in chainsaw & related operations. We also have the appropriate certification for mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP) enabling us to work on the largest of trees. We are fully versed with Health and Safety requirements and carry appropriate insurance.

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Tree Surgery & Services