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Tree Surgery in Time for Winter

Getting your garden ready for the winter months is usually about the last cut of the grass and tidying up but thinking about trees too can save you the worry that trees or branches will come down so today is the time to check your trees.

Tree surgery in time for winter should be booked as soon as possible, even with trees that don't bleed when they're pruned and felled. It's important to do this work now and check your trees if you aren't sure. A professional company will offer you the best advice and will recommend that any felling that needs to be carried out should be done now.

In the same respect if your trees have to be replaced, November to March will be the best time to plant young trees because at this time trees are dormant and are happier to be moved into place; although they will need to be staked and protected from gusts of wind and damage from wildlife until they are better established.

Nightingale Groundcare operate in the following areas and are ready to help with any tree surgery that is required before the winter sets in:

Ringwood, Romsey, Sailsbury, Eastleigh, Southampton and Hampshire.

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