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Complete Weed Control

Despite what you might imagine, controlling weeds is not just about that all important first impression - although weeds around your premises will certainly not portray your business as successful and dynamic!

Of course weeds are unsightly but, more seriously, they can present a considerable trip hazard and may contribute to health problems in your place of work.

Some Perennial weeds will put down deep tap roots and any small piece which remains in the ground will lead to new growth. Others spread rapidly though creeping rhizomes that spring from the tiniest fragment these include couch grass, bindweed, ground elder, nettles, rosebay willow herb, Japanese Knotweed, and bracken.

The most invasive of these is Japanese Knotweed which can grow up to 10cm a day and is capable of exposing weaknesses in buildings, foundations, concrete and tarmac. Because of this you could be subject to third party litigation where damages may be sought for allowing Japanese Knotweed to spread onto other properties AND Planning permission can refused without an eradication programme in place for the infestation.

For all these reasons any parts of this plant and all soil contaminated with the rhizome are classified as controlled waste and there are clear guidelines around its legal disposal. Not only are we well versed in this but all of our operatives carry PA1 and PA6a certificates in competence in the safe use of pesticides.

We have flexible budgets to suit all requirements from residential to commercial and industrial.

Complete Weed Control