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Commercial Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance

Ignore or Improve? What's your view?

We can't imagine that you would want to ignore the condition of your costliest overhead. After all, improving your grounds will:

  • Demonstrably display your success as a business
  • Create the best possible first impression to your potential clients
  • Provide a pleasant environment which brings out the best in your employees

Our corporate maintenance team has considerable experience in all aspects of enhancing your green spaces, by adding new landscape gardening elements or maintaining existing ones. This includes:

Landscape Design and Construction

  • Site clearance and preparation
  • Creation of open spaces
  • Building of walkways, terraces and car parks
  • Installation of lighting and signage
  • Tree and ornamental shrub planting
  • Irrigation systems
  • Turfing/grass seeding

Grounds Maintenance

  • Complete Weed Control
  • Hedge cutting/Tree surgery
  • Grass Cutting
  • Pest control
  • Leaf and litter collection
  • Top soiling and bark mulching


It is our policy to minimise disruption caused by site visits and we work with you to have a complete understanding of any particular operating and maintenance constraints. We are proud of our good working relationships with our clients and continually monitor our staff to meet or exceed your requirements and strive to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction at all times.

Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance