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Once you have given me a quote for a particular job, how long will that last?
All our quotes are valid for a minimum of 60 days.

Am I tied into a contract?
It is actually less expensive for you to ask us to take on a maintenance contract for a fixed period of time than it is for us to work for you on an ad hoc basis.

But can I use you for a one off project?
We are delighted to assist you on an ad hoc basis but please do give us reasonable notice to schedule your work in during our busiest periods.

How often do you come to us if we are on a contract?
This depends on the size of your grounds, the amount of work you would like us to undertake on a regular basis and your budget. This is one of the things we work out with you when we meet you to discuss a quota.

Can you deal with very tall trees?
Yes, this is not a problem we are certified to use mobile elevated work platforms to deal with that situation.

Can you look after ponds, lakes and swimming pools?
We can install and maintain all of these. According to your exact requirements we may work with some tried and tested local companies.

How can we be sure of the standard of your work?
We are members of The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) who have really stringent membership conditions including the visiting of a selection of sites from the past two years, ten references and ongoing vetting by fellow members , clients and BALI themselves - for further information visit