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Landscape Gardening Eastleigh

The role of a landscape gardener is to design and landscape gardens as well as maintain them. The first step is to meet with the client to discuss their requirements. Landscape gardening involves the gardener coming up with a scheme to transform the garden. This scheme should meet the brief put forward by the client and meet any other considerations, such as planning regulations.

Landscape gardening and grounds maintenance is what we do best here at Nightingale Ground Care. From building walkways and terraces to grass and hedge cutting, we can help you achieve your vision for the garden.

Landscaped gardens bring joy and pleasure to a great many people, especially public parks and recreational areas. Urban environments need green spaces to offer people a place to relax, socialise and exercise, a place where communities can gather. Likewise, a business will want to create pleasant garden areas for their staff and visitors to enjoy.

Do you need a little help to bring your gardens together? Nightingale Ground Care will deliver on your brief, transforming your gardens into spaces which can be enjoyed and admired.

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