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Weed Control Hampshire

For anyone who enjoys their landscape, garden or outdoor space weed control can be a genuine hassle. It may be that you are a keen gardener and remove weeds manually, or that you treat the weeds with a shop-bought weed killer - only to find them back again the next week.

Nightingale Groundcare are specialists in a variety of landscaping, grounds maintenance and gardening services and are also experts in weed control. Based in Hampshire, they already have many clients who have taken them up on their ability to control weeds for much longer than you can perhaps do yourself.

Bindweed, nettles, bracken and even Japanese knotweed (for which they are authorised to remove, control and dispose of in the correct legal manner); the experts at Nightingale Groundcare can control it all and work at your property in a very careful and considerate manner.

They promise to use safety measures to ensure harmful chemicals are not put into place and, in the case of Japanese knotweed, they will inform you every step of the way so that you know exactly how they can remove the hazard. That said, this weed needs to be removed quickly because of the rate it grows.

If you have frustrating weeds that you feel you cannot keep on top of, then let the team at Nightingale Groundcare help.

Please call today and they will attend to your Hampshire property promptly, at a time convenient to you. 01794 323 606.