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Weed Control in Portsmouth

The activity of weeding can prove satisfying to the gardener who's entrusted with the responsibility of weed control in a retail park, a country garden or on pathways, driveways and patios, but after a while of pulling out such persistent intruders any gardener, regardless of proficiency, might easily become fed up with the repetitive (not to mention back-breaking) process.

Weeds can be controlled without the assistance of weed killer. The natural and organic removal of weeds relies on physical action, from manual removal and cutting back to burning and using weed barriers. The main issue is that weeds need ongoing control and regular attention, especially in the spring and summer months, so if the chore of having to hand-pull and hoe has grown very thin then it's time to call in the weed control professionals.

Are weeds taking over your garden areas? Do you need help with annual weeds? Perennial weeds?

Weed control is second nature to Nightingale Ground Care. Even Japanese Knotweed, that most volatile and invasive of intruders, is second nature to us. Based in Hampshire, we cater to both commercial and domestic clients across the county, in Winchester and Portsmouth and beyond. Now you can always keep your weeds under control and your green areas spruced and healthy.