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Weed Killer that doesn't destroy your lawn

We all know about weed killers from supermarkets and garden centres that come with instructions, yet they are so difficult to apply accurately. This is why Nightingale Groundcare have chosen very carefully the best possible weed killer that doesn't destroy your lawn, and is applied by professionals who have already tried and tested the product so that it helps rather than hinders grass growth whilst killing unsightly weeds.

If you happen to be killing the grass instead of the weeds when you're applying regular lawn weed killer, and they are pesticide based, then you may either not be reading the instructions or overdoing the treatment for a quick fix. When used correctly they can kill everything but grass - being over applied they may kill everything but being too diluted they won't kill anything you are aiming at destroying.

Nightingale Groundcare are experienced in the application of a 'weed and feed' substrate, and have the equipment and accurate measurement tools in order to do so. They will ensure that:

  • Treatments are not risky to grass
  • Applications have more contact with the weeds than the grass
  • They use harmless chemicals that do not need to be watered in
  • Treatment is completely safe to children, pets and wildlife after a short time
  • Provide you with an option to choose active weedkillers - a variety of weedkillers that kill some, not all weeds (so 2 applications of different weed killer is available)

They know just how to treat your lawn so that you can benefit from safe treatments, following which you can take advantage of your outside space.

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